Friday, March 21, 2008

Dead? Whew-Traffic not affected

Why do traffic articles on freeway crashes involving deaths turn on the issue of congestion? In this case a person is found dead by the freeway and the articles ends by saying: Traffic was not affected by the incident, Chase said.

Its the same reason why so much of the news is dedicated to congestion. Our time is more important than anyone else's life. Its irrelevant what we use our time for- TV, iPod, sports, gossip or fast food.

Drivers will charge down our roads heedless of pedestrians trying to save a minute of their time at the expense of a locals life. I watch in amazement every morning as I try to cross O'Neil or Emmet and traffic is bent on getting to work without consideration for the neighborhood around.

Automobiles are toasting the planet. But in the process they've turned the neighborhood into a jail and made our notion of time auto dependent.

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